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~ Whenever you order at styleOkraft, you are not getting a product delivered but an emotion ~

Go vocal for local

I am pretty sure you must have heard & read about ‘Go vocal for local’. What does this actually mean?
Going vocal for local means supporting the small & local businesses around you.

Handmade Artists & Crafters
If you look around, there are many such businesses which use the social media platform to promote & sell their product but are unable to get the boost & response required causing many talented creators/crafters to lose interest in their passion & continue with their business.
The main reason for such downfall is lack of response and subsequent lack of expected income which is required for material procurement & for some people it’s a matter of livelihood.

To help & provide a platform for handmade artists & crafters where they can sell & promote their work so that they can follow & love what they do & make a living out of it.

To educate people about HANDMADE art & craft & tell them how special it is for each & every creator. To spread awareness among people that when they make a purchase, they support the growth of the Artist & Crafter.

To help the artists to connect with buyers which will bring out their true potential, through this we will be able to keep the art & craft alive & also help the creator to grow as an artist or crafter.

To create a market & increase the demand of handmade goods which will help us to increase our community & motivate the creators to be your own boss.

With increase in sales, the artists & crafters will be able to train & hire people for mass production which will also create great  opportunity to earn a livelihood.

WHY styleOkraft ?

The sole reason being to put the statement GO VOCAL for LOCAL into action.
Our community of handmade artists & crafters are very much dedicated to their passion.
Almost every handmade artist & crafter design, make, create, pack & courier the product by themselves .
As a client when you make a purchase, you’re not only supporting the artist & crafter but also the people who are hired to help for a mass production.
We have kept it open for all as we believe everybody should be able to turn their ideas into reality.
We also help people who aren’t tech savvy, by educating them about product photography, product description, improving the product as per the market & to set up their handmade business at styleOkraft.

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